What up gang,
Happy New Year and blessings, on blessings, on blessings. 
We wanna thank you all for an amazing year, but we ain’t done yet. It’s kinda the beginning of this ish. That’s right, we just getting started. So, to start this year off we have our Capricorns… Cap fam, you all give me hope, so I made a mini mix that’s filled with creativity. Also, I wanted to show my love Baltimore & Jersey. Besides Dancehall and Afrobeat, B-more and Jersey Club music is the best dance on the planet. 
So sexy, so creative, so math heavy, and filled with so many drums. (Me favorite) So, I hope you ready to shake in yo seat, because not only is it my love for the two out of towners, but I also screwed that b*t*h to make it even sexier. I want you to hear dem chops. (So sick.) Enjoy…
Thank me on the dance floor… ;)

(410 x 973 = 504)- 55 bpm -
Artist featured:
Adina Howard, Ariana Grande, Art Of Noise, Beyonce, Cassie, Fiine$$e, Sade, SWV

Edits by: Big O, J Heat, Dj K-Deucez, Kuddie J, KW Griff, Neana, 
Dj Quality, Dj R3ll, Dj Technics, Dj Tray