2019 Ascendance Tarot Readers




Ayjshané is an intuitive healer. She uses the formative structure of tarot and astrology along with the intuitive understanding of crystals and energy to Divine universal  confirmation and guidance for those who sit at her table.


The NOLA Bruja


P’neeneet, The NOLA Bruja is a New Orleans bred Spirit Healer. P’neeneet has been practicing divination with a pendulum for over 16 years and Tarot for over 3 years. All of her life she has practiced magic with herbs, crystals and candles. She grew up watching her mother meditate, perform rituals and using other magical divination tools. P’neeneet is a witch by definition but Enchantress or Spirit Healer is more fitting for her. She uses her magical gifts of Clairvoyance and other psychic powers to intuitively interpret tarot to spread awareness, guidance and insight.

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The Mexican Witch


Valeria better known as “The Mexican Witch” is an intuitive tarot card reader and bruja. She was born in the beautiful deserts of Chihuahua, Mexico. Her signs are Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon and Cancer Rising. Valeria is a proud queer indigenous femme, and she’s a real chingona!   In 2015 she graduated from Tufts University in Boston, MA and two years after found her true home in New Orleans. Her interests include modern witchcraft, energy healing, crystals, destroying the hetero patriarchy and motivational speaking.


Kailyn Davillier


Poet priestess Kailyn Davillier is a Sun, Moon, Mercury in Leo and is excited to share her empathic gifts with everyone at Ascendance: Leo Edition! A lover and devoted participant of queer, trans, POC spaces in New Orleans brought her to attend Ascendance last year. My passionate devotion to astrology, ancestral Hoodoo, and learning Tarot has brought me to celebrate my sign with the Ascendance team and I am looking forward to starting the journey my ancestors laid out for me!


Ashley Young


Ashley Young is a Black Queer genderqueer writer, teacher, tarot reader and practitioner of Lucumi. They are the creator for Black Unicorn Tarot, a small business specializing in readings for Queer, Trans and People of Color. They teach workshops around the country and publish on topics of race, gender, sexuality, mental health and more.

To stay updated on their events and workshops, you can find follow them on instagram @blackunicornrise and on Facebook's Black Unicorn Tarot page

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