Alchemy: Aries


insert Ogun's fuery, Mars' conflict/communication, the Ram's stubborn nature, cue the pollen, cue the spring fever pheremones and you've got the fire we feel sometimes before the vernal equinox even hits.

welcome to Aries Szn. 

responsibile for the root chakra, action, vitality, independence, and adventure. this season's celebration will be a palatable contrast from our deep sea Pisces party. which scents like ginger, frankincense, and clove the dance floor will smells reminiscent of the firie confidence (or arrogance) our cardinal loves are known for. apparently this fire sign has some difficulties digesting realities, both figuratively and gastronomically so herbs like cardamom, saffron, and cinnamon resonate with the Sheep to help them assimilate lessons needing to be learned. pairing with the Three of Wands Card, some key thoughts linked to this masculine-heavy sign are: movement and recognizing opportunities offered. "This is the first day of the rest of my life. I go forth with inner strength and confidence." 

come in red, get lit, and get your life.

we love you. see you soon, bbs.

ascendance team