Alchemy: Pisces


happy Pisces Szn! Mer-people are the guardians of sensitivity, psychicism, and sensitivity. the capacity for range of emotions embodied by this sign is unmatched and visually respresented in the two fish moving in opposite directions.. they are a beautiful and necessary paradox. to help these fish folx feel more at home this month at Ascendance, Cafe Istanbul will be draped in greens and blues to simulate the waters the Neptunians reside in. fossilized shells, aquamarine, and amethyst will be there in 3's as crystal comrades as well as our resident clear quartz to amplify and wash our intentions. expect lots of florals in the air, citrus blossoms, gardenia, and jasmine to name a few. happy spring equinox, cheers to celebrating another cycle and one full year at Cafe Istanbul. green is representative of growth and abundance and this past year has been nothing short of that. see you on the dance floor, beloveds. -Gypsi

ascendance team