Alchemy: Capricorn


Cheers to the return of the Light, the start of a new calendar year, and to progressive praxis. here's what you can expect at this season's celebration and a bit of the why: the color white was chosen to reflect the Winter Solstice as well as to honor the deity Obatala who represents the head, the beginning, and order. he's behind much of the focus and clarity we conjure in our New Year's well as allllllll the changes the Ascendance team has been making (more to come). here's an affirmation to help us all shift: "I flow and work with the changes and diversity in my life." there'll be a few crystal allies in play to support these strides. this month I chose selenite for its supreme cleansing abilities and direct connection to the Spirit Guides. clear quartz was also chosen for it's ability to be programmed with whatever intention, prayer, and visions we offer them...perfect intro to this new year. 

and although it doesn't feel like the winter here in the city with mid 60 degree temperatures and all, fragrant displays of white carnations, cedar, and pine should help bring us closer to feeling like we're in a winter wonderland. 

we can't wait to see you and your guests this Saturday. wear white if you're into it, cosplay is always encouraged. we love you. 

xo Gypsi (she/they)

ascendance team